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Meet the Zoo

Welcome to The Sugar Glider Adventure! I’m Erika, and this is my fiancé Chris. We, along with our nine sugar gliders and three cats, make up The Sugar Glider Adventure. I started TSGA back in August of 2010 when I decided to get two sugar gliders, Appa and Momo, after seeing Perfect Pocket Pets in our local mall. After realizing the misrepresentation I had come across, I spent the next two months researching constantly. I hoped that, by starting such a blog, I would be able to watch how I grew as a glider slave, and how things changed over time, and thusly be better equipped to help those just starting out with gliders. We started out with two pet only brothers, and then eventually added three breeding pairs to our little zoo over the next nine months. Now we breed for classic greys, white faces, leu hets, leus, lions, white face lions, and low plat hets.

We are located in Greenville, NC, where we are both students at the local university. Chris is an asian studies major, while I’m an art major pursuing a concentration in graphic design. Chris is a computer geek who loves improving his PC or playing Zelda or Minecraft. I’m a Mac person in love with Adobe products and my Wacom tablet. We are both huge animal people – which I’m hoping you’ve noticed by now! – and enjoy taking care of our petting zoo. We love talking with people who are interested in gliders, so I hope you’ll contact us if you have any questions – email me at xo.erika.e[at]gmail[dot]com anytime. And remember – no question is too silly! 🙂

From left to right: Pixie & Dust, Thomas & Duchess, Han-Han & Yuki
View lineages here.

Our non-breeding colony: Appa, Momo, & Marie

Our cats: Missy, born to one of Chris’ mom’s cats on his birthday; Luna, a rescue from a local organization; and Byrd, who was fostered as a kitten at a local vet’s office.

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