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Where Erika Plays Catch-Up!

February 27, 2012

Phew! These last few weeks have been busy!

Had a couple friends over to play with the joeys! I think it’s a great way to socialize them, plus it gives me a feel for how each individual joey does with strangers. [For the record, they all did wonderfully.] We had tons of fun, and I think the joeys did too!

I got a few emails recently asking me about diet. There are plenty of wonderful diets out there for sugar gliders – that could be a blog post entirely on its own – but, personally, I feed HPW Complete. That is not a decision set in stone, but it is the best choice for my gliders and me right now. Will that change in the future? Possibly. Probably, eventually. Sugar gliders are new, in the grand scheme of things, and what we know about them now is vastly different than what we knew five years ago – and in five more years, we will probably look back and think about how stupid we were back then.

Que sera, sera.

We had Alouette come out of pouch February 18th! If all goes as planned, she’ll be going home to Toulouse! She’s a classic grey, super cute… and missing about 2/3 of her tail and one toe! Scared the bejeezus out of me when I first found her, but it’s already healed up and she seems to not even notice.

Our best guess is that there was an accident on the wheel while she was hanging out but still technically in pouch. Either way, momma’s taken great care of it!

We just ordered two new cages! One came with a few bent panels, but Suncoast was wonderful about everything! The new panels should be out soon, and the second cage will be up. We got the Sturdy Cage, which I highly recommend. It’s very, very nice – and quite large! I feel kinda bad about our old cages now, they seem so small in comparison. Over the next few months I hope to replace all of our cages, so hopefully you’ll be seeing a few more of these bad boys here!

Anyways, hopefully all that made up for the silence! I swear, I need to start setting alarms in my calendar for when I need to do blog posts!


The Post Hallmark Day Post

February 18, 2012

At this point, we’re saying this one is a boy [if you missed out on that blog post, check out our breeder confusion]. So, welcome Haku! He’s a really sweetie – not overly adventurous but not a scaredy-cat, either. Very calm and passive, thus far. Such a sweetheart! He was out of pouch 02/01, so he’s just under three weeks old now, but these photos were from when he was two weeks on the dot.

Abigail and Amelia are growing up to be so cute! I have taken a deposit on these two heartbreakers, so they already have a great home lined up. I’m so excited for them!

Ever take a photo and it not quite work out? I almost died when I saw this one. It would’ve been so cute!

I had Yuki and Han-Han’s cage all set up and cute for Valentine’s Day. Looks like they had fun.

Did you get or do anything for Valentine’s Day? Chris got me the prettiest flowers!

In Which Erika Tries to be a Film Star

February 10, 2012

One Year

February 7, 2012

This is what I’ve been working with for the past two weeks. No wonder I wasn’t getting anything done.

I feel better.

On February 5th, 2011, we brought home Yuki and Han-han, Pixie and Dust, and their joey Eva. She is now one year old, and we have now been breeders for officially a year! Eva is happily living with her owners in Raleigh with two of our other joeys, and she’s big and fluffy now!

Mascot + Photos + Giveaway!

February 6, 2012

Meet our new mascot of TSGA!

Thanks to Amanda for the adorable sugar glider toy! It now sits on my desk!

In other news, I just ordered MiniCards from Moo! They were a bit darker than expected, but otherwise great! I think they’re just adorable 🙂 And I love that I got to put different photos on all of them. They’re so cute I almost don’t want to give them away!
But… I can do one better! If you want to get 15% off one pack of MiniCards from Moo, comment and tell me what you’ll put on your business cards!
Comments for entry close Feb 8th at 11:59pm. I will announce the winner Thursday, February 9th!
[Moo didn’t give me anything for this… I just thought they were cool!]

Along with the mascot, Amanda also sent me some awesome cage sets, bonding pouches, toy stuff, and more!

The top two are from Jen, who actually has a couple cage sets up for sale on Critterbin. The toys are the ones I put up in our store. The bottom two are from Amanda. All four are super cute, and super well made! Love them much.

And now, what everyone has been waiting for!


The Shame of Being a Confused Breeder

February 4, 2012

Hey guess what? Breeders don’t know everything.

I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes my gliders throw me into a panic. Thank you, glider community. Every time someone makes a funny noise, “GO TO THE VET!” When every single incident is an emergency… it’s hard to take it seriously. Yet, somehow, everytime something is slightly off from the norm, I still panic a little.
But I digress.

I had a joey come out of pouch the other day. A cute little leu out of Yuki and Han-han.
And I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl.


I’ve asked a couple breeders.
One said, “definitely boy.”
One said, “definitely girl.”
One said, ” what on earth is that?!

So… we wait. And wait. And hopefully in a week or so I’ll know what to say.
But it’s frustrating, no knowing. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

Duchess has two joeys that are kind of out of pouch? I’ve seen one out of pouch, but not both yet. I think I’ll just count backwards from when their eyes open.

I do believe they’re both girls. I’ve checked for sex about six different times, and got girl every time… but I haven’t gotten to check both at the same time! So either I keep grabbing the same joey, or they’re both girls. Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

Keeping in tradition, their names will be from the Aristocats. If it’s two girls, they’ll be Abigail and Amelia – if a boy and girl, Madam Adelaide and Georges.
I love name themes, lol.

Toys in the Store!

January 26, 2012
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The Sugar Glider Adventure is now offering toys for sale!